Asked By: Nathaniel Howard Date: created: Nov 26 2020

Do the Trotters get rich again

Answered By: Mason Anderson Date: created: Nov 27 2020

In the final episode, ‘Time On Our Hands’, we’d rejoiced as the Trotters finally became the millionaires they’d always dreamed of becoming thanks to a rare antique watch..

Asked By: Gordon Hughes Date: created: Dec 24 2020

Is Freddie the Frog Rodney’s dad

Answered By: Devin Miller Date: created: Dec 24 2020

Freddie returned as a regular character in the prequel series Rock & Chips. Robdal is the biological father of Rodney Trotter, and the biological grandfather of Rodney’s daughter, Joan Trotter Jr….Freddie the FrogOccupationWorld War II soldier, criminal, frogman, unemployed8 more rows

Asked By: Roger Scott Date: created: Apr 18 2021

Can you visit the Only Fools and Horses set

Answered By: Jason Flores Date: created: Apr 21 2021

Please note that this is NOT an interior set tour as the sets are not accessible to the general public. You will be visiting only external locations used in the show.

Asked By: Jake Peterson Date: created: Mar 31 2021

What is the age gap between delboy and Rodney

Answered By: Douglas Patterson Date: created: Apr 02 2021

This leaves the teenage Del as the family’s sole provider, looking after his grandfather and Rodney, his half-brother who was born around thirteen years after him (the age gap is stated as thirteen years in one episode, but Rodney’s year of birth is anywhere between 1958 and 1963 according to different episodes).

Asked By: Fred Murphy Date: created: Oct 06 2020

Where is the Nags Head filmed

Answered By: Brian Cooper Date: created: Oct 06 2020

The “Nag’s Head” was filmed at various pubs in Brighton, Bristol, Hull, Ipswich, London and Salisbury. The street markets used in various episodes were located in Bristol, Hull, Ipswich and Salisbury.

Asked By: Jacob Stewart Date: created: Dec 18 2020

Why did Sid take over the Nags Head

Answered By: Noah Smith Date: created: Dec 20 2020

In 2001, when The Nags Head landlord Mike Fisher was sent to prison for fraud, he asked Sid to run the pub for him until he is released. Sid took over as the pub landlord. … At 76 years old he still was quite fit and able enough to run a pub full time.

Asked By: Alejandro Washington Date: created: Jun 17 2021

Who took over Nags Head

Answered By: Anthony Mitchell Date: created: Jun 18 2021

Mike FisherIn 1981, The Nag’s Head was run by an unseen governor, who was never named. Two years later, Mike Fisher took over as landlord.

Asked By: Steven Edwards Date: created: Aug 10 2020

Does Cassandra have babies in Only Fools and Horses

Answered By: Reginald Johnson Date: created: Aug 12 2020

Del and Rodney race to the hospital, where Cassandra has delivered a baby girl by a Caesarean section. A few days later, Rodney takes his daughter to the cemetery to visit his mother’s grave.

Asked By: Tyler Wood Date: created: Sep 04 2020

Who owns the original Trotters van

Answered By: David Harris Date: created: Sep 05 2020

Derek “Del Boy” TrotterReliant RegalReliant Regal VanType1967 Reliant Regal Supervan IIIRegistrationDHV 938DPurposeThe Trotter’s mode of transportation; also used to store stock acquired by Trotter’s Independent Traders.OwnerDerek “Del Boy” Trotter4 more rows

Asked By: Jeffery Rodriguez Date: created: Feb 19 2021

What pub was used for the Nags Head

Answered By: Caleb Anderson Date: created: Feb 22 2021

The White HorseThe White Horse on the corner of West Street and Chessel Street in Bedminster was used by the BBC as the location for the Nag’s Head in the episode ‘Chance of a Lunchtime’, which aired in 1991, in which Cassandra sees Rodney ‘struggling’ outside the pub with Del’s old flame, Trudy.

Asked By: Jeffery Smith Date: created: Sep 12 2020

Where did they film Only Fools and Horses

Answered By: Herbert Patterson Date: created: Sep 15 2020

Written by John Sullivan, Only Fools and Horses was set in Peckham in South East London. However, the show was never filmed there, instead being filmed primarily in West London and Bristol in the West of England.

Asked By: Carlos Kelly Date: created: Jul 28 2020

Did grandad ever go to Nags Head

Answered By: Christian Patterson Date: created: Jul 29 2020

Grandad. … Grandad didn’t really have a lot of lines and was never seen in the nags head, Grandads most memorable line was when Rodney was going into business with Mickey Pearce and said he was starting in a small way.

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